Friday, July 13, 2007

Internet Officially Gone

Yup. It's gone at home now. We'll probably look into picking up a phone line and DSL. That will kill two birds with one stone: a.) stick it to the man (Comcast Cable), and b.) get us internet access at home (duh). On an entirely unrelated note, I'm looking forward to this movie.


mtravis2 said...

oh, Snap!

AGrahl said...

I was going to say oh, Snap...but I see someone beat me too it. Too obvious I suppose. Anyway, phone line and DSL works fine for us. We've been fairly pleased with ATT DSL. When you see the Bourne movie, let me know how it is.

The Sulzbachs said...

Does this mean you were unable to fool Comcast with your renewal shenanigans any longer? - Lisa

Erich wants to see the BU movie opening weekend. Call him.