Friday, February 16, 2007

Matt B-U-R-L-Y's Top Ten Movies

A discussion at our church small group meeting made me revisit my top ten list of movies. My original list is here.

My new list - from 10 to one is here:

10. The Muppet Movie (nostalgia)
9. Rocky (inspiration)
8. Dumb & Dumber (influence on current generation of comedies)
7. Zoolander (no reason necessary)
6. Nacho Libre (brilliant and brilliant)
5. Raising Arizona (Coen brothers best ... Hudsucker Proxy also makes my top 20)
4. Waiting for Guffman (Levy, Guest and Willard are geniuses ... their 2 follow-up movies were commercially more successful, but this one is the real deal)
3. The Bourne Identity (I just liked it. I'd also put a Tom Clancy movie or two [the Harrison Ford ones] into my top 20)
2. Mystery Men (I don't know why - it was simply spectacular)
1. Raiders of the Lost Ark (simply the best)

Honorable mentions: The Empire Strikes Back, The Return of the Pink Panther, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Karate Kid I & II, the original Star Wars, the original Batman (Keaton/Nicholson), Batman Begins, Ishtar, and finally Luther. What's on your top ten? Just go with your gut.

Oh, and my bottom ten list is here.


J.A.H. said...

You are right, you just can't beat Raiders of the Lost Ark. I was watching some T.V. show the other day and it had a clip of the 'Waffle Man' or 'Waffler' from Mystery Men. By the way, I am becoming partial to 'Mighty Wind' over 'Guffman.' Am I crazy?

B-U-R-L-Y said...

To each his own ... on some things ... but not that. Sackloth & Ashes are in your future buddy.