Thursday, December 10, 2009

Things that I Love - Cleveland-ish Edition: Riding the Bus to Work

Strange?  Let me explain.  First of all it's an environmentally friendly way to go, but I'll confess it's not my primary reason for loving the bus ride.  It gives me time to read, think and rest on the way to and from work.  Also, it's free (the Feds pay the bill for the pass).  It also gives me the "opportunity" to get a little bit of exercise walking/jogging to and from the bus.  The bus stop near my house is 2 and 1/2 blocks away and it's 5 blocks from my bus to work downtown.  Finally, the view along the way is beautiful.  I get to see old, unique big houses, drive along the shoreway (Lake Erie) and get a view of the Cleveland skyline which is especially nice when it's still dark outside.  We'll see if I'm still singing the praises of the bus after it snows a few times or is as windy as it was this morning. 

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Saintly Nurse said...

This is one thing I miss about living in a big city and/or college town. Our local public transportation SUCKS.