Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Things that I Love - Cleveland-ish Edition: The West Side Market

From Wikipedia:

The West Side Market is Cleveland, Ohio's oldest operating indoor/outdoor market space ... The market began operating in 1840.

A few of my favorite things at the Market include:

*The Dichotomy popcorn.  It's a mix of caramel and cheddar.  It's not two separate flavors mixed together, but both flavors on each piece.  Mmmmmmm ... savory-sweet.
*City Roast coffee.  I'm a fan of the bolder ones.  They are good, indeed.
*Italian turkey, Adams' sharp cheddar cheese and a variety of breads to make my now famous (in my own mind) toasted sandwiches.
*Apple fritters.
*Not technically at the market, but the Great Lakes Brewing Company (and restaurant) is across the street. 
*Again, not technically at the market, but the The Souper Market is a big, big hit with Naomi for their soups and salads.

Oh, I should give a hat tip (HT) to Miles Travis who first told me about the West Side Market.  I should be wearing a fedora for this hat tip, because he deserves it.

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MiloradT said...

I pride my self in knowing a tiny bit about everything, and alot about nothing.