Monday, June 04, 2007

Sam Quote from 6.1.2007

[Sam was throwing a tantrum, because he didn't want to follow my instructions regarding ... who knows what ... it could have been anything. In response to my request that he do what I asked he screamed ...]

"NOOOOOOO! Indeed not!"

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Jenny said...

Hello, Buehrle's!!! By the way, this is Jenny (Hite). Your boys are so cute! Looks like you are one step ahead of Wes and me... We now have 2 boys also and hope to have more. Anyway, tracked you down through Cory via MySpace. We have a blog too (on Blogger); the address is It is private, but send me your email, and I'll invite you. My email is Hope y'all are doing well, and hope to hear from you!!!