Sunday, April 01, 2007

Two Doors

We had two doors installed. It's a long and boring story, but I love to tell it. Here it goes. The sliding glass door is white, as can be seen from inside. It was glaringly white from the outside, so I constructed a frame made of cedar trim to cover up the frame from most angles. That's right - I did. I primed, painted, and cut the trim to size. I even got to use my saw again. I'm a toolman. That's right. And so is Sam. While I was nailing up the trim, he was using a basketball pump as his tool to do ... I'm not quite sure. He told Naomi that using tools is dangerous. She needs to be careful. Tools are only for toolmen "like me and daddy." The front door isn't painted yet. All that's left is the new garage door and opener are going to be installed (by professionals more professional than even me and Sam if you can believe that). Then Sam and I will put up the two new storm doors from Menards.

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