Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rockymentary Reunion Footage

For the two of you who can't wait for the official release of the documentary reunion of a documentary, I found some "bootleg" footage of the Rockymentary Reunion on youtube. If you never saw the Rockymentary, this footage will be strange and meaningless. More information on it can be found here and here. If you have seen it (and are a fan of the Rockymentary), these six rounds (yes, to reflect the six films) should inspire you to go the distance:

They can be seen here:

Round I, Round II, Round III, Round IV, Round V, Round VI (part 1), Round VI (part 2).



The SFB said...

That stuff is pretty darn funny. I thought Sam did an excellent job. Good work.

Does this mean we'll have a tenth anniversary of the Alpha commercial we did together. The first chance I get, I'm going to post the college group's commercial that I have.

Dad said...

well i made it through 4 . hummm. willl have to schedule time to view the rest. Interesting MAtt very interesting.

Buehrles said...

the sfb: Yes. And good.

dad: when I say interesting what I mean is: "what a waste of time." when I say "will have to schedule time to view the rest" I mean "there's no chance I'm wasting any more of my time on that garbage." But that's just what I mean;o) ...

Dad said...

close very close, However, I was actually entertained so I probably will view the rest. Just had to take the time away from my devotions . LOL Dad

Anonymous said...

It's amazing. It's like I'm experiencing the original Rocky through they Rockymentary of 1996, except now in 2007. So, I'm in 1976, 1996, and 2007 all at once. Geographically, it's like being in Philadelphia, Chapel Hill, and Chicago at the same time. So, it's like trippy, and stuff.