Saturday, December 16, 2006

Filming Is Done

On Rocky 6? Yes. But I was referring to my footage for the 10th anniversary commemorative interviews for the Rockymentary. My college friends and I filmed this documentary on the Rocky movies. Should be a great film. Not Rocky 6 (though it's getting more good press than bad [surpisingly]).


Brian U said...

Hey Matt, one of the better writers on ESPN is part-culture, part-sports commentary. They re-ran his old column about the Rocky movies..cut and paste link

Buehrles said...

Cool, Brian. If you need a place to upload your Rocky videos, create a free site at Create a username and password. Upload your stuff and then email Kevin the username and password. Everyone else reading this: you'e in for an incredible video documentary reunion of the cast of the greatest documentary ever filmed on the Rocky movies.