Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Canadian Vacation

Naomi and Sam returned from their Canadian adventure to Grandma and Grandpa Smith's new home in Bruce Mines, Ontario and out to Skookum lake. They also saw Grandpa/Great-Grandpa Smith, Sister/Aunt Heidi, and a bunch of other relatives. I'd include photos, but can't get 'em off the kodak gallery site.

In other news, I have discontinued my employment with Starbucks Corporation. It was a great run, but I'll leave it to others to make incredible espresso beverages and delicious coffee.

I've begun two other blog sites. The first is for the College ministry at Vineyard Community Church (www.vineyardonline.org). It's found at http://connectcollegeministry.blogspot.com. The other is for our small group at church at http://roundlakelife.blogspot.com.

In other news, Sister/Sister-in-law/Aunt Heidi is back in Honduras and now has a blog of her own at http://heidirsmith.blogspot.com.

Well, better get running ... below is a picture of Sam enjoying some delicious ice-cream from Dairy Queen while Heidi was here ...


Miles said...

Sam is really cute, but you knew that.

Miles said...

also, I didn'tknow that Heidi was in Hondurus. Did you guys know Julie Early from UNC IV? She's down there too. Possum has pictures and stories on his 7/24 Blog entry which you can access from the link on my site. Wouldn't it be interesting if those two met and were friends while overseas?