Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cleveland Browns Draft

Here's my two cents. You've all been waiting for it. How should the Browns spend their pics? I think it's #4, #26, #35 ... and then whatever's next. I initially said Sammy Watkins at #4. Now I'm changing my tune. Pick the best defensive player at #4. Then pick Derek Carr at #26, but please do not start him this year! Nothing wrong with going "old fashioned" and starting Hoyer for a couple years. No problem with actually developing a quarterback before starting him. Then at #35 and/or your next pick, take a wideout or a RB (doesn't matter the order, what matters is the player). Finally, with your last pick in the draft, go ahead and take another QB if there's any decent ones left. Ones that may turn into - say a Hoyer. You know what I'm saying? Anyway ...

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