Thursday, March 06, 2014

20 Year Reunion

My 20 year high school reunion is coming up on June the 14th in Durham. I had the responsibility to organize it and have a great committee working on the details. I think it's going to be pretty fun. It starts on the 13th with an informal gathering at City Beverage in the evening. Then Saturday a picnic lunch and tour at Jordan High School. Then in the evening a delicious meal at NOSH with early '90s music in the background. I need to schedule my spray tan and get my outfit and toupee ready. Actually I think most will keep it pretty casual. For those actually reading this that may be going here's a few more details. *Registration for the event to begin within two weeks; *Details will be on the FB page and via email to those who gave their email; *$30 + $1.10 processing fee when registering online ... this is for the meal and any incidentals that we haven't thought about. The JHS Alumni Association will get the remaining money, if any. They're the ones collecting the money ... and thus far they have earned any minimal amount of money they're going to get!; *NOSH meal includes beef brisket, vegetarian pasta, grilled veggies, grilled fruit, appetizers, and dessert choice of chocolate truffles or banana pudding. In addition one glass of refreshingly delicious Sangria or one draft beer is included with the meal. Anyone partaking of, perhaps two or three beverages or the alcoholic variety can partake at the cash bar; *The JHS tour and picnic are for all, but is especially designed so that you may bring your children (if you have any). It's not a family event, perse. It's a family friendly event - NO BOOZE!; *Oh, yeah. CHILDREN ARE NOT INVITED TO ATTEND THE EVENING EVENT. I will not be espousing or participating in debaucherous activity ... but if anyone is ... we don't want your children there; and *When the evening event ends circa 11 pm ... you are on your own to decide where you go next. I plan to go back home and get a good night's sleep; you may go to a hotel or bar or otherwise. That's not the committee's responsibility. If anyone wants to work on reserving a block of rooms at a hotel, that's up to you. Just remember, you're 37-39 years old in actual years.

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