Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Things That I Love - Cleveland-ish Edition - Local Merry Brew

Update: Make that an "important" update.  I tested the "Holly Jolly" and found it to be slightly too sweet and uncomplicated - but a good beer nonetheless.  Plus the 8% by volume left me feeling warm and toasty.  Also, I added a six pack of Brew Kettle's (Strongsville) Winter Warmer to the mix.  Haven't tried it yet.  

Mmmmmmmmmmmm.  It's sitting on my counter, but I haven't tried the Holly Jolly (North Olmsted) yet; the Great Lakes (Cleveland - Ohio City) is very good; and the Thirsty Dog Christmas Ale (Akron) is the best beer ever (hmm, except I do like Trader Joe's Vintage Ale - but we're talking apples and oranges aren't we ... but I digress with this conversation with myself).


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