Thursday, July 28, 2011

A word about coffee

As a former barista at the coffee holy land, St. Arbucks, I believe that I should be forthright in my observations regarding coffee preferences among the peoples of the world who imbibe.

Some people like acidic coffee.  Therefore, they may enjoy a cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee.  Not all people who like acidic coffee like Dunkin' Donuts, though.  It's complicated.

Some people like a coffee with a strong body and a dark roast with low acidity.  That would be somebody like me.  My preference is not right, I just cannot stomach a highly acidic coffee like Dunkin'.

Some people say that St. Arbucks burns their beans.  Fair enough.  But, I would take an over-roasted coffee any day of the week over an acidic coffee.  It's a taste preference.  Not right and wrong.

If you disagree with me over my analysis, you may voice your opinion.  I can take it.  But I think we coffee drinkers need to come together and agree that I will not declare your preference for Dunkin' as wrong and I'd ask that you refrain from harping on the burned St. Arbucks beans.  Whether burned or not, a lot of us enjoy a cup there because the body tends to be strong, the roast tend to be bold and dark, and the acidity remains low.  That's a cup I can enjoy.  You don't have to enjoy it.

My favorite is this one (also linked above).


Keith and Darcie said...

We love Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee - dark roasted. So yummy. It has a woody flavour - some say lemony. We get it fair trade from Costco and love it. I don't drink straight coffee from St. Arbucks very often since they have so many other tasty beverages.

B-U-R-L-Y said...

Mmmm ... delicious. I recently read an article that claimed that fair trade actually hurts the farmers. I can't imagine that could be true ... but stranger things have happened! My favorite beverage at Starbucks is the Grande Mocha with an extra shot in a double Venti cup with whip to the top. When they make it wrong, I have a first world problem on my hands.

James said...

I too like a coffee with a strong body and a dark roast with low acidity.

I am one of those people who thinks that Starbucks has overroasted and/or burnt their beans. Sh!$$ybucks had one great coffee and they have since discontinued it. It was a Yemen Mocha Sanani. Having been to Yemen, this had a special place in my heart. They may have something similar now that they call Arabian Mocha Sanani, but I haven't seen it.

If I'm ordering coffee, I like this one:

I'm also a fan of Blue Bottle:

Now my Timothy's office blend is tasting rather unpalatable. Dang.

B-U-R-L-Y said...

The over-roasting is, indeed, the case. But when I have to choose between St. Arbucks, Caribou (unless it's their Obsidian) or Dunkin' ... St. Arbucks every time. When I have another non-acidic-y option, I'm all over it! Like Erie Island Coffee near me ... 'cept they don't stay open late enough when I go for late night decaf.

DK said...

Oh my, I'm deeply distressed now! Dunkin Donuts ranks up there as one of my great loves!!! In fact, I'd call myself an addict. Unfortunately, I only get Starbucks when I want to splurge on a Mocha, or, when I'm desperate for caffeine and I happen to be at Target!! Ha!

James said...

I concede that I will take SBX over DD or Caribou.

I too have a soft spot for Erie Island.

Miles said...

I don't really care which coffee it is as long as the coffee flavor is covered up by lots of milk and sugar.

Vivian said...

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