Monday, May 24, 2010

Things that I Love - Cleveland-ish Edition Miscellaneous

It was a wild weekend - and mostly good wild – except for the fact that our friend, Steve Trenta (who’s “fine”) broke his leg.  We went biking with Steve and Melinda and the kids last weekend.

On Friday, Erich & Lisa Sulzbach arrived for the weekend from Chicago-ish. We went to dinner at Dewey’s and then came back home. While we were letting our stomachs take a break, Sam found a five dollar bill on the tree lawn. Since he knew we were going to Mitchell’s for ice-cream, he offered to pay. And I accepted his offer.

Saturday we went to the West Side Market in the morning. In the evening we went with Erich & Lisa (sans kids) to the Great Lakes Brewery Restaurant where the food was good and the Holy Moses was delicious. I hadn’t had that brew, but it was very good. FYI – Cleveland was founded by Moses Cleveland.

Then we drove around downtown and past Progressive Field where the Indians were playing the Reds. Decided not to go, but would have been a great night for it. We then went to the Tremont neighborhood to have coffee at Civilization. Then we drove around that neighborhood a bit. “A Christmas Story” was partially filmed there.

On Sunday we went to church followed by a trip by me and Erich to Fairview Hospital (where Anna was born, where I've had surgery and where we've taken our fair share of trips to the Children's ER) to see Steve Trenta who looked astonishingly good despite the fact that he was recovering from surgery from the day before. After falling off the ladder/roof while cleaning the gutters, he broke his leg in 15 places. But it was old hat to Steve who broke his other leg in a white water rafting accident five years prior.

We then all went to the Rocky River Nature Center and walked up a loooooonnnngggg staircase that ended in this view.

We ended the weekend at our church small group meeting, which I always like.

Why am I bragging about our awesome weekend (except for the whole “Steve-breaking-his-leg thing)? Just to let you know if you come and visit – we know where to take you for fun times!

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