Wednesday, March 03, 2010

b-u-r-l-y-f-a-m-i-l-y Update 3.3.2010

First of all, Naomi is NOT pregnant.  Giving an "update" might make one think that, simply because I've been negligent in my postings as of late.

So, let's turn back the clock a couple weeks.  We'll go from mundane to dramatic and perhaps back to mundane.

We decided to actually have enough dressers in the house to fit everyone's clothing.  So, over the past couple weeks we bought two on craigslist, a headboard on craigslist and stuff at Ikea (more on that later).

The headboard was necessary because our current headboard took up too much space in our room making it impossible to fit a dresser (we have a small room).  We got a big black dresser from an antique shop for the boys' room.  We got another one that we'll be stripping and staining for our room.

[insert smooth transition here] A couple weeks ago, Naomi and Anna both came down with a nasty-vomity-stomach-bug.  They got over it, but it wiped them out.  Then a few days later, Ben got it bad and had some vomity issues for a few nights in a row that made for very interesting middle of the night clean up sessions.  'Nuff said.  He got better ... until ...

Ben fell off the toilet (stories of how were not clear, but it may have involved reaching for his drinking canteen or something).  In any case the babysitter called Naomi (note: the babysitter could not have prevented it) at work and let her know that Ben bit his tongue/it looked really bad/there was blood all over.  By the time Naomi got home, the bleeding was stopped or at a minimum.  Long story short, that night (last Friday) they put Ben under some mild anesthesia and he had the inch long, cm deep cut stitched back up.  He's healing well and enjoyed the Tylenol with codeine (sp?) a bit too much, perhaps. 

I was scheduled to go see Uncle David Buehrle with the boys on Saturday morning, but due to the "tongue incident" only Luke wanted to go along (Ben slept all day and is doing much better now).  So, Luke and I went to see Uncle David in Canton, Michigan where an Ikea is.  We enjoyed lunch and time at Ikea and picked up a wardrobe (for Anna's room - with Naomi's clothes in it - we have a small room), some placemats, a candle and a full-length mirror for our room.

Oh, and Luke is in the "process" of being potty trained.  He's doing pretty okay.  Accident or two a day and no interest in #2 on the can.  TMI?  No, these are kids we're talking about.  I'm not sharing my own habits.

Naomi and I went on Sunday with our small group from church to an inter-faith homeless outreach in downtown Cleveland.  It was well organized.  Despite the fact that it was inter-faith, we still hold to our belief in Jesus as the way to salvation.  In case you were wondering.  Which you probably weren't.

Coming up, Laina Meauth is coming to visit this weekend and we're heading to NC the following weekend for a week (3.12 - 3.20) ... so holler at us if you live or will be in Cackalack.  Naomi's sister, will be joining us down there for fun times and she'll be coming back with us to the Cleve[land-ish] for an additional week.

Anna's crawling everywhere - including up the boys' bunk bed ladder without any help.  Bummer.

Sam is having fun learning.  He made this clay map of Africa with Naomi awhile back.  It started to break, so he put the pieces in a box.  On the box he wrote "jigsaw puzzle."  Clever lad.  Then he drew pictures of all the planets.  He cut them out and colored them and put paper clips on them to hang on his ceiling.  He informed us that the sun has to go in the middle because the planets revolve around the sun.  He said that Africa must be closer to the sun than the other planets, because it's hotter there.  He also let us know that it's a solar system.  He then used a puzzle box that has the planets (and their names) written on it in order to know how to write the names of the planet.  So next to Mars he wrote "Mars".  Next to Jupiter he wrote "Jupter" (just missed the "i", that's all).  Next to Earth he wrote "Actual Piece Size."

So, that's the update.


The Wagner Fam said...

that cracks me up. actual piece size....:) thanks for the update. too bad there are no more beurhle babies on the way;)

Miles said...

we will be in ye olde NC, so I'll give you a ring to set up some hangout time with the kids, and perhaps later without the kids.

B-U-R-L-Y said...

Fo' shizzle on both counts, Miles.

Coran said...

We would enjoy seeing you all. With kids and/or without :) We have a'playroom'set up that the kids may all enjoy together...

Dawne Piotrowski said...

Love it, love it! When looking at the photos, my eyes stopped upon the clay Africa and it took me back to my own homeschool days - gosh I miss it! Enjoy these days, and for the days you're pulling your hair out and want to put them on the bus, just remember that you, too, will miss it someday! Love you guys!