Friday, July 31, 2009

Update 7.31.2009

B-U-R-L-Y-F-A-M-I-L-Y Update

Lots (had been) going on ‘round the BURLY house. Now I’m at home alone for about 10 days while Naomi and the kids are in Canada with her family.

Here’s a recap (for those who have been waiting for it …):

Luke turned 2 on June 25th. Memorable quotes from the past month are as follows:

“Pray Jesus help Ben feel better.” – Luke’s response to Ben’s crying one morning in his “prayer voice”

“I’m going to fly an airplane.” – Luke’s response to Ben’s declaration that he’s going to drive a boat

Ben got potty trained this month. All he asks is for a treat each time. And he’s satisfied with two M&Ms. And I already mentioned that he plans to drive the boat (pontoon) when he’s in Canada.

Sam turned 5 on July 3rd and starting riding a two-wheeler on July 5th. He’s getting pretty fancy with his riding with sharp turns and intentional shortcuts over the grass. He’s also going to start kindergarten at home with an online school program fully paid by State taxes. Free computer, free books, free resources, standardized testing, etc. We’re pretty excited that the computer will teach him so that we don’t have to (do I have to mention that I’m just kidding about the last part).

Anna is six months old, crawling (sliding) and starting on solids. She’s cute as a bug in a rug, as it were.

Naomi is busy. Duh. She and her parents drove the kids to Canada and they’re having fun times. Her parents just sold their house, her mom retired and Heidi got her [dream] job – all in the span of two weeks.

I’ve discovered the Penn Station toasted Italian sub. That’s right. I’m livin’ it up …

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