Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Video Venues

“Setting up movie theaters to project the graven image of rock-star celebrity pastors across the United States has some long-term implications.” - Ed Stetzer

A quote for discussion. If you don't know what Dr. Stetzer is talking about, then never mind.


Ryan said...

The last chapter of Vintage Church asserts just the opposite. Or maybe Driscoll doesn't see himself as a rock star celebrity pastor. I think he's dreamy.

This is what I really think.

B-U-R-L-Y said...

I recally what you really think. I want to make clear what I tried to make clear when I posted this on FB: I don't want to be the pot calling the kettle black. That is to say that any ministry methodology should ask questions about the implications of their style of ministry. I just find the implications to be more glaringly obvious with video venues. Bottom line though - when Christ is proclaimed, I'll rejoice.

B-U-R-L-Y said...

recall, not recally.