Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Potty Trainining with #2

WARNING: PARENT OF YOUNG CHILD POST AHEAD (thinking the mundane is exciting)

When I say number two, I'm referring to both child number two and "NUMBER TWO" if you know what I'm saying. We've had some successes with Ben going to the potty by himself and going #2. Then we had some instances where he declared that he went #2 and showed us #2 was definitely in the potty. Only problem was that it was first in his diaper and he dumped it in with the claim that he went on the potty. Other times now he goes in his diaper and immediately wants us to change his diaper. So, we're at least at a stage where he's a.) aware and b.) a bit uncomfortable. He's declared that he'll start going on the potty in January. We'll see.

Another Ben story. Last night he wanted ice-cream. I told him he needed to eat his vegetables first. Then I went to do some dishes and Ben yelled, "Daddy, I ate them all." He showed me his bowl, and it was, in fact empty. But I'm no slouch (well, sometimes I am). I looked around and saw another bowl on the table that had the same amount of vegetables that he originally had in his bowl. So, they were "all gone" but not eaten.


Covey and Justin said...

Your kids are weird with #2--don't I recall a silly putty incident with Sam? You obviously don't have Denton kids when it comes to veggies--today EJ wanted nothing but broccoli for lunch and actually cried when Granny tried to get him to eat some ice cream. Yup--we have weirdos!

Saintly Nurse said...

Give the child credit for ingenuity...or at least for trying. :)