Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Privatization Revisited

Hi Everyone ...

You may have noticed that I haven't made the blog private yet. I may not. Here's why:

Double-a-ron writes ... "I'm in [to be invited to the private blog], but I have to know why. Why the change in your privacy policy? Was it b/c you watched a Dateline special about blogs or something?"

Well, Double-a-ron, I have an answer to your inquisitive question. I'm not really sure. Maybe this whole privacy thing is not worth the hassle. So, I'll continue to "put you all on the list" (don't know why I put that in quotes), but may not go private, unless I have a reason to do so. Thanks for the question Double-a.


Doug said...

I will try to be more careful with my posts.
Love y'all Dad

DoubleA-Ron said...

Hey thanks for the quote. I hope you don't go private really, it's so much easier this way. :-)