Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Customer Service Sam

Update: According to Naomi who was in the room at the time, Ben also put in his two cents. See below in italics.

Sam answered the phone when I called home a few minutes ago, and the conversation went like this:


"Hi, Sam. Are you having a good day?"

"Is this daddy?"

"Yes. Are you having a good day?"

"Yes, we're playing. What time are you getting home today."

"Uh, I get home at 5:30 today."

"Oh. Yes, I’m having a good day. I’m playing. But Ben and I were crabby, but we’re not crabby anymore. Right, Ben?"

"Yeah, Sam."

"I had to have a time out on my bed, but now I’m not crabby anymore. Let me go get mommy. She wasn't downstairs so I got the phone.”

1 comment:

Doug said...

I get crabby too sometimes , perhaps time out is not a bad way to deal with it. I can still learn new tricks Right?
Grandpa Buehrle