Friday, January 11, 2008

Post at Poppa's Blog

Poppa's new post Includes pictures like this one and quotes like these ones:

1. "Poppa... I think I need more marshmallows...'cuz ...'cuz the others are all gone now!" - Sam

"Where did they go Sam?" - Poppa

"I think they melted...and I ate some of them...but not all of them..." - Sam

2. Sam, leaving the house with Poppa, Grandma and Daddy leaving Mommy at home with Luke and Ben:

"Bye, Mommy. Have fun with your boys."


International Nursing Services said...
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International Nursing Services said...

I was so sorry to hear the boys were not feeling well over the Holidays. The picture of Sam is darling. After seeing the one with Ron and Sam it appeared Ron may have been having more fun in the process than anyone.

Happy New Year