Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sam & Ben Quotes

"Happy Doo-day, Jesus!" - Ben

"What kind of hair does that daddy got?" - Sam when looking at a picture enclosed with the Kirk family Christmas letter, referring to Daniel's metrosexual hair.

"B*%#$-a-b*%#@, that's funny. Heh, heh. Ben says that. B*%#$-a-b#@%$. Ha, ha." - Sam to mommy and daddy. Mommy asks "What does that mean, Sam?" Sam responds "B*%#$-a-b*@%$! Ha, ha." We did not teach him that word. We're pretty sure he didn't know he was using lewd language - but he was sure laughing like he knew.

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Guevarafam said...

And I thought Daniel was bad with "stinky baby butt" that he learned from one of his misbehaving peers at preschool!