Saturday, June 30, 2007

Internet Access Gone!

Well, they called my bluff - which wasn't a bluff. Comcast cable internet accepted my offer to cancel my internet cable connection, as it was going to double in price (past the promotional period). So, starting tomorrow for the next six-months, I'll have to look into a wireless connection once a week somewhere to upload pictures and videos (or at least pictures). Text posts will still be coming, however. I'll work on my descriptive prose. For now, here's a couple pictures of Luke, and Sam in his tux. He was a ring bearer in a wedding last night.


Jenny said...

Gnome, YOU LOOK GREAT!!! I can't believe you went to a wedding 1 week postpartum! You are a dang good friend to who ever was getting married! And your sons are adorable... the one in the tux is looking very dapper indeed.

Linda said...

He is SO adorable!

and Naomi you look beautiful as always! you can't even tell you had another baby!
can't wait to see you guys!
Linny ;)

askewheels said...

Naomi, props to you!! You have yourself and your son looking beautiful and your new baby is how old? And you guys had a birthday party...I guess I should give some props to Matt too.