Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fifty Steps

I think that today can be marked as the day Ben started walking. It was a nice day, and he was wearing shorts. He figured out that the feet feel better on concrete than the knees. I could only get a video of about five or six steps. Actually, I got a video with more steps, but Sam was naked (and supposed to be in the bathroom getting ready to bathe) ... so we didn't keep that one ...


Douglas Buehrle said...

Go Ben GO. We all do things when we are ready. Ben probably had his calendar marked. Today we walk.

all sewage flows to Chicago.

boogers can be wiped on shirts.

sorry gradpa was a poor influence

The SFB said...

I love that Rosalie and Ben are sort of learning to walk at the same time. That will be fun for Cindy and I'm sure even more for you guys! Have fun.