Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sick Sam: Update

Update: Sam went to the doctor. His cough is "breaking up" so that's good. He's getting breathing treatments at home a couple times a day and taking his medicine. He's in good spirits and is currently sleeping. Thanks to all who are praying and thinking about him.
Sam is not feeling so hot. He had a decent night, though - that is, considering the fact that he has two mild ear infections and pneumonia. He's on antibiotics and he has a nurse (mommy) keeping a close eye on him. Naomi will take him to the doctor today. He's a trooper, but please pray for him.


Douglas Buehrle said...

Grandpa prayed for Sam last night and this morning. I am sorry Sam is sick and please tell him grandpa love him and wants him to get better. Where did he catch the bug? Probably from MR Potatoe Head.


Marshall said...

It's so sad when the little ones are sick. I hope Sam gets better soon and that you get a $40 a month raise so you can keep blogging.

B-U-R-L-Y said...

Thanks, Dad.

And thanks, Marshall ... the amount each month extra is $17 ... but over the long haul that's way too much ... better to cancel for a couple months ... bum some wireless off of a coffee shop ... and sign back up in a couple months ... I'll still be blogging some - but pics will be limited.

~Heidi 8) ~ said...

ahh :( I just had a temporary ear infection on sun and it was awful..but thankfully only in one ear and it was much better by morning. I'm praying Sam gets back to 100% quickly :) as being sick is no fun espeically for a kid :)