Friday, October 27, 2006

Post-Lactarian or Pre-Lactartian

There is great debate stirring in the blogging world that rivals theological debates in it's passion. The debate surrounds whether the milk should be poured in before or after the coffee/tea has been poured. It's a complicated debate - especially regarding the necessity of a spoon. Any thoughts? I'll show my hand. I'm a Post-Lactarian who doesn't mind getting a spoon dirty. That, my friends, is why I am not a Presbyterrian.


Dad said...

well, I will enter the debate. Now Matt, you and I expect none of your friends ever had this, but if you drink instant coffee, you know freeze dried crystals, putting milk in ahead of time would be insane. I am definately post and know you will agree. Now the real debate centers on which way the toilet paper roll shoud come off the roll over the top or to the back. I know the answer. Dad

Anonymous said...

Wow - you think you know somebody.

I expect the Presbies to get a few things wrong, but you Matt? I think the only tenable theological position in this debate (given a drinkable cup of coffee) is Alactarian (no milk at all).

Since we are an E-Free church, we do have creamer out, but I don't think I've seen anyone actually use it. One of the elders may lean towards Lactarianism, but he keeps his practices to himself.

If forced to put milk or creamer into my coffee (like a virtually undrinkable cup of coffee), I must say that I would lean towards Pre-L, especially if it is a powdered creamer. The additional mixing makes too much sense.

miles said...

I'm a prelactarian, that way I can tell exactly how much I'm putting in.

Burly said...

I should qualify my position. I am actually a pre-lactarian, pre-sweetened (forgive me), post-utensilarian. I don't think the formation of the perfect beverage is necessarily a clean procedure. I also don't believe the beverage needs to be pure to be valued as a beverage. My current hot beverage of choice is Trader Joe's Peaberry coffee.