Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ran a Race

I'm still running the race, but yesterday I ran a race. A 5K. I did it in 24:35.7. My average time per mile was 7:56. I placed 74th out of 107. My legs are a little sore, but not bad. Pictures will be posted when I get them from Lisa Sulzbach.


Anonymous said...

gj Matt. I'm trying to get my 5k time down, but it is hard when you never practice. I'm still trying to work around that obstacle.

Now your blog is just another voice telling me to run.

I hope this isn't my last comment :)

Dad said...

I figure coming in at any place means you finished the race set before you. May we all cross our finish line in the Lord.

Cliff said...

Congratulations. That time is awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Great Job Zoolander. I googled myself and found my time from the 1998 Hard Rock 5K, (isn't the internet awsome?) This was the year I trained for the marathon. If I ran a 5K today I'd be lucky to finish under 30 min.


Anonymous said...'s the link