Friday, September 22, 2006

Minneapolis Conference

Next Friday to Sunday (9.29.06 - 10.1.06) I'm going to this conference with a bunch of folks from church. It's going to be straight up off the hook.


Anonymous said...

i-tunes has the videos from the conferece already posted. you'll get to hear Tim Keller, Mark Driscoll, and David Wells say "missional," "culture," "incarnational," and "post-modern" many, many times.

all joking aside, i watched almost all the videos, and it looks great. i am jealous. i'll be parsing aramaic and hebrew verbs.


Burly said...

I'm afraid that I might not hear much new at the conference ... but I guess that's the point ... I'm planning to wear my missional clothing and my postmodern glasses ... I may also speak in an incarnational Minnesotan way - don't cha' know about Jesus, eh?

Anonymous said...

During the breaks I plan on visiting the filming site from the movie Fargo. Maybe Krammer has a tour bus or something.

Marshall said...

David Wells is speaking? And I thought he was merely a fat baseball pitcher.

So Burly, it appears that you have gone all reformed on me. Never fear, I am currently listening to Pipers 10-week class on TULIP. It actually surprises me how much I agree with him, but there are some divergences. But I digress. I enjoyed perusing the blog, and hope to make more trips back in the future. Always said that you are a funny guy.

The pastor from your church preached at the funeral of Ray Obrien, and I thought he did a really good job. (I had forgotten that you and Kari had gone to the same church).

Well, enough random musings. Good luck on your 5K.

Marshall said...

PS I also added your blog tomy blogarithm account so I can be instantly updated when you post new and witty things.

Burly said...

marshall ... quick response to your comment:

1.) you've earned a place in my links -- but you can't earn your salvation.
2.) David Chung (see links) has an excellent post on Ray O'Brien. Heaven has gained a fine man. I'm glad you made it to his funeral.
3.) I've liked the TULIP since high school. Grace Church is a reformed/charismatic church. No longer a strange blend ...
I've grown to love more but not less than the tulip. I enjoy bouquets rather than just a singular TULIP (read: I've grown to see that TULIP is inadeqate on it's own ... but with other doctrines alongside is beautiful ... I think that systmatic theology is good ... but doesn't substitute for reading passages that don't fit neatly into the TULIP) ... for those who haven't a clue what I'm talking about read the Bible and take a flower arrangement class.