Sunday, July 30, 2006

Simon the Sorcer Sermon

Today I preached a sermon on "Simon the Sorcer." It went pretty well for a 5th live sermon. I tried something new: I tried dramatizing the reading. Yup. Won't do that again. Anyway, I've "shredded" it to my MP3 player. Anybody out there know how I could put it online? It's 34 minutes in 7 chunks.


Evermore Edmund said...

As someone who has heard this sermon, I recommend it. Wait, that doesn't sound convicing enough, let me put in a way that resembles the back side of a christian book.

"Matthew Buehrle speaks in a way that brings both convictions and encouragment. His preaching is a fresh alternative to the modern hum-drum of meatless banter."

- Aaron Salentine, founder of Christ For The Nations That Start With "M".

Anonymous said...

The apocrypha version tells how Simon the Sorcerer starts floating off the ground and Peter commands him down and God strikes him dead. That's dramatic. Don't you wish you were Catholic?

-d. chung

Burly said...

Personally, I think that Simon went astray and became a leading pre-gnostic. He gets so demonized in the early church writings (like you alluded to, Dave) that I don't know for sure whether a.) he was really that bad, or b.) whether he was the same Simon. In any case, I left that speculation out of my sermon and stayed with the Biblical text. That left me asking the question: how will you respond when called to turn around? We don't really know how Simon responded, but we can respond to the good news ourselves.