Monday, April 24, 2006

G. K. Chesterton Quote 4.24.06

"If there is no design existing beforehand, and no goal existing already, how are we to know whether any entirely new thing is a good thing or not? All attempted answers to this question are evasions of the question. We may say that man must judge by his best moral standards; but that is to admit that there are standards by which we can judge the standards. We may say that he must follow where the best light leads him; but that is to admit that there is a difference between light and darkness which cannot change."


miles said...

at the risk of sounding stupid, who is this guy?

Burly said...

The Catholic version of C.S. Lewis ... only a little older. In an earlier post I promised some quotes from Chesterton, Stiller movies, and the Bible. Best known for his books: "Orthodoxy," "The Everlasting Man," and a couple of biographies of old famous Catholic big-wigs. He was a philosopher, journalist, theologian, and fat.

Anonymous said...

"Women are the only realists; their whole object in life is to pit their realism against the extravagant, excessive, and occasionally drunken idealism of men."