Monday, March 13, 2006


Wedding on Saturday went very well. Only four minor glitches:

1.) Maid of honor almost read the wrong passage after fumbling through the pages of her Bible. In her defense, she did an incredible job with the rest of the planning of the wedding in conjunction with the bride and the wedding coordinator
2.) I forgot a kerchief to wipe my sweaty brow.
3.) My jokes didn’t go over well. Same jokes I used at the last wedding in SC where they did go over well. Midwesterners – sheesh.
4.) Forgot to turn off my microphone at the end so that the crowd heard me say “I didn’t have a cue” (or is it spelled “que”?) – that is I didn’t know when to start walking because the canned recessional music hadn’t started.

Salentine’s had their lovely little girl on Sunday and Naomi was at the delivery (pics at the Salentine’s blogspot at the right).

Benjamin had his first official responsive smile on Saturday – the day before his six week birthday.

Sam has another tooth coming in. He’s a goofy kid (I mean that in a good way). He’s socially very mature. Makes me wonder why he keeps peeing his pants. Oh, well, I guess he’s not even 21 months old yet … and we’re not attempting to train him yet.

Sam’s room is now decorated. It’s a VERY fun room. Pics forthcoming.

Naomi is going back to work tomorrow.

That’s all for now.


buehrle grandpa said...

6 weeks.
I am so sorry I have not been able ot hold that little guy. My new business is taking a huge chunk of my time. But it will leave you a great inheritance.

Heart sick for my Ben.


Burly said...

Come on up if you have a day or so ... we've got the space!

~Heidi 8) ~ said...

I hear ya doug...except you will prolly get to hold him before he is 6 months old :( sniff sniff....wish i was there this weekend too!!!