Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ben's Birthday

Briefly, here's how it all went down:

11:30 pm, Saturday: Naomi began reglar contractions.
2 am, Sunday: Naomi wakes up Matt to let him know that her contractions are regular and three to four minutes apart.
2:30 am: Meauths come over to pick up Sam and Naomi, Matt and Ben (still inside) leave for the hospital.
3 am: Arrival at the hospital.
3-around 6 am: Contractions continue but move further apart.
Sometime in the morning: Naomi is given pitocin (sp?) to move the contractions along.
9 am: Dr. Carrie Johnson arrives to spend the day with us.
11:30 am or so (I really don't recall when it was): Naomi gets the epidural.
11:30 to 3 or so: Other stuff happens as Naomi progresses (it was kind of a blur at that point).
3:57 pm: Benjamin is born after Naomi pushes him out over an approximately 30-45 minute time period.

Naomi and Ben are both doing very well. Sam had a fun day and will get to meet the baby tomorrow. I'm going to bed now.


Mystery Date said...

How exciting for you all!!!

perrin family said...

Congratulations Gnome, Matt, and Sam! Welcome to the world Ben - you're so lucky to be born to such wonderful parents! I can't believe how alike Ben and Sam's Day 1 pictures look.

Covey and Justin said...

We are so excited for you.

Anonymous said...

The wonder of life again touches us all. So glad that Gnome and Ben are doing well and that you got some sleep. So, have you figured it out yet?

Covey and Justin said...

How big and long is he?

David and Sarah said...

CONGRATULATIONS! What a beautiful baby, messiness notwithstanding. And way to be on the ball with the updates. Sarah told me that if I ever stop to update the blog while she's in labor I'm going to die and early death.

~Heidi 8) ~ said...

Well I'm glad Matt updated...b/c when you are nowhere close to seeing your new nephew any and all pictures are welcome :D Welcome to the world Ben!
You have awsome parents, a very cute brother and a rockin auntie :D lol who can't wait to see you this summer...oh it seems like soo far away :( sniff sniff....keep the pics and videos coming!!

Evermore Edmund said...

You guys are good at making babies, have you thought about starting a small business in that sector? No? Okay, well anways congrats and we are looking forward to seeing you tonight!!! We are so happy (when I saw "we" I refer to my wife and I and not "we" as in "i have many personalities that are emotionally involved with this"...)

Love you guys!!!

Guevarafam said...

Happy Birthday Ben and many congratulations to your mom, dad, and big brother. We here in Rocky Mount also want to know, how much did you weigh and how long were you? You are sooo cute!

Guevarafam said...

Yeah, so I saw your weight/height on the top of the blog page. Your big brother outweighed you by a pound but pretty soon you'll make up the difference, I'm sure.

Simpson said...

Congratulations...Hey I know some great people with the name Benjamin. That boy has a great head of hair!

ajohnson said...

Love the is a popular one. ;) Congrats you guys on another beautiful boy. Maybe if we have another boy someday, we'll name him Sam. Haha...I'm kinda not joking...we really do like that name.

Anyway, hope you are enjoying the mid-night "Ben feedings" as much as we are....or aren't...depends on how the day time naps for mom have gone, right?

ps..I saw someone comment and mention Rocky Mount, NC...I used to live there when I was younger. Don't hear that place mentioned much!