Friday, December 16, 2005

Trader Joe's

What is Trader Joe's you ask? It's the perfect neighborhood grocery store with foods and beverages from the exotic to the basic for all of your everyday and holiday needs and wants. I'll offer here a top-ten list. The top-ten things that Trader Joe's offers for your holiday party (and the days surrounding Christmas):

10. Trader Joe’s brand cheap organic frozen Thai meals (for the busy days surrounding Christmas)
9. Trader Joe’s brand green salsa
8. Energy bars galore (for the hikes around the 58-acres at Naomi’s parents home in Bruce Mines, Ontario)
7. A variety of organic cereals at reduced prices
6. A variety of Trader Joe’s brand coffee beans
5. Trader Joe’s Ordinary Beer (that’s the name of it)
4. “Two Buck Chuck” – Charles Shaw wines at $2.99 a bottle
3. Italian Lemon Soda (great for mixing with “Two Buck Chuck” to create “Tinto de Verano”)
2. Trader Joe’s brand carbonated cranberry juice
1. Trader Joe’s brand peppermint bark

For more information on Trader Joe's and their locations, go to ... they didn't even pay me for the plug.


David and Sarah said...

I miss Trader Joe's. I loved their curry simmer sauces. Mmmmm.

Burly said...

I'll give 'em a try sometime. If you're ever taking a weekend trip to the DC area, I think they've got 'em up there.

me said...

Is there a trader Joe in NC?

Burly said...

not in NC ... VA, DC and MD though.

Burly said...

I think I know who me is? Am I right, or am I right?

me said...

me is anonymous but if you think you know who me is then you are prophetic.

Anonymous said...

PS how is me's grandson enjoying Christmas festivities