Thursday, December 08, 2005

High Roller

Grandpa Buehrle (Dad) is celebrating his birthday today on bi'ness in Vegas. In honor of that fact, Sam played a few hands of 5 card draw while wearing his Las Vegas t-shirt. He won some big money ... and gave it all to charity. Good boy. (and Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa!)


Evermore Edmund said...

I've decided that Sam looks like the baby in "Look Who's Talking" when he's all grown up and trying to get travolta and his mom hooked up.

Dad said...

Thanks for the Birthday greetings Sam and Matt. Yes my 51st. was spent in Vegas, left my charity winnings in the casino. Will have to cut back on our tithe for a few weeks to make up the loss. LOL

Dad said...

After taking a close look I see he is pulling a card out of his sleeve. perhaps he has a greater chance of winning than his grandpa!