Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Black Friday, 2003, 2:30 AM - Best Buy with Dad


~Heidi 8) ~ said...

Soo what fun and exciting gadgets did you get this year??
oh by the way if you are still looking for me...I could use a new nalgene with the little mouth piece thing...sadly mine got lost :( sniff sniff...purple would be just supberb :D...or someother cool colour.
just an idea ;D

miles said...

I never know black friday could be like a light from above.

Burly said...

Heidi --
Already got your gift ... but we have an ugly yellow big bottle (like a nalgene from Starbucks) with a small mouth if you want it.
I think we still have it. Oh, and that was two years ago ... didn't do our black Friday shopping yet ... that's this coming Friday in NC.

Kilo - it is like a light from above ... but not THE light from above. Don't trust every light.

~Heidi 8) ~ said...

Ah i wondered about that...thought it was after thanksgiving i was confused. As for the starbucks nalgene I guess that would do thanks...and you guys are on the ball again..man i've done ZERO shopping :( going to be busy when i get home!

Evermore Edmund said...
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Evermore Edmund said...

Matt I'm afraid that according to the beam of light your Dad's Best Buy purchases pleased the Lord while yours did not. Perhaps you should be a bit more spiritually materialistic in the future.