Saturday, October 29, 2005

October Update

It's been a busy week. Just want to give a quick update on what's going on. Sam and I took a Kwik Trip to LaCrosse, Wisconsin this past Tuesday and Wednesday with my Aunt Linda and Cousin Andy to go and see Grandpa Rolnick. This impromptu trip was taken by us because Grandpa took an impromptu trip to the hospital. He is thankfully getting better now. Sorry to anyone we didn't see while there, but it was a trip to see Grandpa for a total of about an hour in two days and taking Sam to his Great Aunt Lois and Great Uncle David's new home in Onalaska for naps.

We also got to see my Great Uncle Jerome Rolnick ("Jerry") who I hadn't seen in 21 years. He was there with his friend Marilyn (sp?) to visit Grandpa. A photo of Uncle Jerry and Sam is at the side.

Today the four of us (baby inside Naomi included) are going to Fun Fest at church (see, and Sam's going to go as a frog. Pictures will, of course, be forthcoming.

Finally, my beloved White Sox (as of this year when they started winning - yes, I'm a fair weather fan) won the World Series thanks to the pitching of my "cousin" Mark Buehrle. Congratulations White Sox.


David and Sarah said...

Ah, Onalaska. Hope you enjoyed your brief time in God's Country. I took Sarah to visit my old stomping grounds about two years ago, and I was dismayed to see that our old playground at CRCS has been turned into an apartment complex for senior citizens. Is nothing sacred?

Burly said...

The apartment complex is a work of the Hoeschler (sp?) empire. That's where Grandpa Rolnick lives now. I'm glad he's able to live there even though he tore down what I agree to be a historic landmark.