Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's a ...

... BABY! But I guess we already knew that. This is ultrasound #2 on baby #2 as yet unnamed, because we forewent (no, it's not a word) the option of finding out the sex again.

Baby's due date is still February 9th and the baby looks healthy.


David and Sarah said...

What a great profile! Have you got a "womb name" for your little tadpole yet?

Doug Buehrle said...

Grandpa and Grandma Buehrle are very excited aunt Rebekah is also thrilled. Blessings,
Grandpa Buehrle

Doug Buehrle said...

If it is a girl have you considered Douglina?


Evermore Edmund said...


I was wondering if you wouldn't mind entertaining the public with your ten point thesis on why finding out the sex before the baby is born is a sin against God.

I think he/she looks very muscular/beautiful and he/she will be a wonderful son/daughter.

Burly said...

David & Sarah ... no "womb name," just trying to avoid using "it" as the name.

Dad ... Douglina has not cracked the top ten yet.

Aaron ... I don't need a ten point thesis. I just need one. If Mary and Joseph didn't find out the sex of their baby, then why would ... oh, wait ... aw, man ... there goes my argument. Stay tuned for my views of postmodern theology and it's relation to doctrine and finding out the sex of your baby.

Daniel Kirk said...


If it's a girl I think you should go with Jamie Roberta Danielle